The Secret to Getting Google Adsense Approved Has Been Revealed.

the dream goal of almost anyone who wants to Indonesia WhatsApp Number List earn money online and through blogging. Being one of the most reliable sources of online revenue, various webmasters are eager to get AdSense approval. The days when it was easy to get AdSense approval are over. Today, people literally want to get Adsense, and it really became “rocket science” in my words. Most bloggers often quit blogging just for this reason. First of all, Google Adsense is not the life and blood of your blog. I understand it’s important and that’s why I’m writing this post for you, but you have other options as well.

Going Back to Our Big Bang Idea: the Secret of Adsense Approval,

I decided to disclose every possible way to Indonesia WhatsApp Number List crack your account not only from my experience but also from my blogger friends. Before we get started, I would like to tell you that these tips are not “rocket science” as mentioned above for others. I know it’s a contradiction, but this is just for you to understand the concept and not worry. Google AdSense approved All the tips given below are shear case studies and practical ones, so you can trust me about them. Overview Don’t overlook webmaster guidelines Add an essential page to your blog Remember

That Organic Traffic Is the King Create Xml and Html Sitemaps

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Avoid copyrighted material Check AdSense violation policy Photo ALT tag is required to Maximize the structure of your blog Don’t be hypnotized by Indonesia WhatsApp Number List scams on the page Use No-Follow for external links on your blog Don’t overlook webmaster guidelines This may seem obvious, but first and foremost, webmaster guidelines should not be revised from time to time to build blog credibility. This leads to automatic elements that not only help generate traffic, but also help your AdSense program accept it. At the same time, the blog should contain at least 50 posts for easy approval . Well, this isn’t a fixed number, but it’s a tentative fee to make you feel the weight of your blog.

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