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Among internet users, resistance to the idea Honduras Phone Number that their surfing behavior is being track is growing and privacy is increasingly becoming a hot topic. For example, if I express my interest by surfing on a non-Profit’s website. I am little aware that Facebook, Google and other advertising networks are also notified of my visit to this website. Then when I see Honduras Phone Number content based on my surfing behavior, you may ask yourself how morally responsible it is to continue collecting data like this on a large scale.

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Google, Apple and Microsoft are also feeling the hot Honduras Phone Number breath of privacy legislation and GDPR. They have therefore decided to block third-party cookies. Also read: Google Analytics suffers damage: is it time to abandon ship? Obfuscation of data is lurking For you as a marketer. This makes your target group targeting and the insight into your target groups less sharp.

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In practice, this means that your Analytics figures Honduras Phone Number become cloudy: for a larger part of your web traffic, it becomes more difficult to trace the source and the conversions. clouding of data In addition, your audience targeting will become less specific than you are used to at the moment. Think of the target groups that Facebook places people in based on their monitored surfing behaviour.


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