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Data studio is a google tool used to create dashboards or “documents” that. Allow us to check the progress of the most important company metrics (key performance indicators). It is about building a document that has both a nice graphic look. And that contains the right metrics to always keep an eye on how our business is doing. It is therefore a tool that deals with data visualization. What is it for and why use google data studio? Centralization and control. We often use a marketing tool for each stage of the funnel. For example for the acquisition we use facebook adwords and seo. For the engagement we use instagram, google analytics and mail chimp and for the criteo conversion.

What Is Google Data Studio?

Here, every time you have to analyze the performance of your marketing channels you have to enter a different tool. This implies 90% of the time South Africa Phone Number not checking the performance. The data studio revolution is that it allows non-technical people (like us marketers) to aggregate different data sources into a single summary dashboard which is therefore immediate and easy to use. The idea is to make it your morning coffee. Get up. Get dressed and check the dashboard, maybe compare them both day by day and week by week. After all the first book of the Google Analytics.  Constantly and at the same time we can’t waste time looking at data all day.

What Is It for and Why Use Google Data Studio?

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Effective communication : a picture is worth more than 100 words this saying does not come from heaven, in fact we have a lot of data that proves that this sentence is absolutely true. 90% of the information perceived by people comes from sight 70% of the sensor receptors are in the eye 50% of the neurons in the brain are used during the information visualization process A person understands 40% better if the answer contains pictures A person understands visual information 60,000 times faster than the usual information used as text Human productivity increases 17% more by using visual information This means that creating a dashboard allows you to better communicate what we want to say and to better attract the attention of bosses or people less like the culture of the data.

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