This Year Will Probably See Smart Data Real Estate Photo Editing

The hallmark of this year’s technology trends is the progress of digitalization, as new emerging business areas will emerge in industry, energy or infrastructure, among other sectors. Therefore, this year will probably see Smart Data, supercomputing, and new materials. D printing, and robotics as protagonists. These areas are already starting to take off and have very positive term prospects. Siemens Spain: And what projects does Siemens have to drive digital transformation?

We have become the first company in the world to set up 20 centers to develop digital applications for its customers in the industrial sector. Each of these centers, the MindSphere Applications Center, is spread across a total of 17 different countries and will specialize in  Real Estate Photo Editing a sector where the company has extensive experience.900 software developers, data scientists and engineers are currently working with our customers in these centers to develop digital innovations for data analysis and machine learning.

We Develop These Solutions on Mindsphere Real Estate Photo Editing

We develop these solutions on Mindsphere, our Siemens Internet of the Things cloud platform. With our global experience in digitalization and our of industrial software, we generate essential benefits for our consumers. In fact, during the 2017 financial year, 5.2 billion euros in sales were by digital technologies, including 4 billion euros from software and Real Estate Photo Editing 12 billion euros from digital services. This corresponds to a 20% year-on-year increase Q: Despite the new possibilities. With what artificial intelligence and robots can offer, I understand that the human factor is still crucial in all processes. What is the key to success in the union of technology and people? There is no one without the other because the technology itself does not change anything. We are also experiencing a grassroots revolution, so HR innovation must also be part of companies’ transition to digital transformation

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Our Employees Help Us Achieve Real Estate Photo Editing

Our employees help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and we  to adapt the talents to our current such as having more technical skills. Digitalization has the rules of the labor market, and low-value manufacturing jobs will be. There will be new jobs, many of which are still unknown, with higher value. We must be aware that this new reality in which we live. Also involves a change in the way we work and in the way the company is.

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