TikTok Influencer Marketing Dry Goods: How to Write a Description to make it easier to explode?

A good work description can not only attract users to browse, but also guide users to comment and interact. And a bad work description, even if the content and theme of the work are very good, but because the description is not attractive and there are no fans to click, it will result in very few broadcasts, let alone become popular, and good content is wasted in vain!

So, how important are TikTok video descriptions? How to write to attract fans to click?

1. Why TikTok Description is important


Simply put, the description of TikTok videos has two core functions, and it is also the direction we focus on when writing descriptions:

1. Show it to users – let the users who see it click on the video to show the user

On the one hand, to stimulate interaction, the description must start from the user’s standpoint, with the starting point of triggering user interaction, and the copywriting and video content match, in order to attract users to like, comment, and forward.

On the other hand, to awaken the emotions.

This type of description belongs to the description of emotional factors. People have seven emotions and six desires, which are nothing more than friendship, love, family affection, and emotions such as moving, warm-hearted, anger, and patriotism. For example, provoke/express gratitude, “Thank Albania Phone Number
you to those who grew up with us”.

2. Show it to the platform – get more accurate recommendations from the platform

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TikTok’s recommendation mechanism is machine review + manual review. Therefore, our description is for machines first, and people second.

TikTok describes how to write more likes. Anyone who has done Toutiao’s self-media should know that the higher the probability of hitting a tag, the more recommendations will be obtained.

When doing beauty makeup, you can use more words in exclusive fields such as skin care, makeup, lipstick, etc. in the description; it is usually recommended that you consciously collect some exclusive words you receive.

The purpose of this is to make the algorithm think that your account is classified. Into a certain vertical field, and then recommend your video to people who are interested in that field.

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