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Such as in advertisements for toys, brochures from school Cyprus Phone Number Listcommunities or booklets from theaters or museums. If you ever write or plan to write such texts, use this article as a guideline. Group  beginning readers In group 3 children learn to read and write. Reading starts with ‘technical’ reading. A child sees and recognizes what it says, but does not necessarily make the link between words and sentences. He or she is too busy figuring out what exactly is on paper, and can’t pay much attention to the meaning of. That will come later. Group 4, 5 & 6: reading comprehension Reading comprehension usually starts from group .

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Technical reading then happens more on autopilot, so that Cyprus Phone Number List the child pays more attention to understanding the text. What good is this to you as a copywriter? Well, if you focus on children in group 4 (from about 6 years old) you know that they can already read comprehension well (or are busy doing this). They do this on the basis of illustrations, the title and subheadings. In your texts you can use references and signal words to make connections. For example, you can clarify a cause and effect. Also read: Do you write what you mean? Group more difficult texts The older the child, the more difficult the lyrics become.

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From the age of eight, the level of the words increases. Reading Cyprus Phone Number List comprehension and making connections is possible at a basic level, so you can add an extra ‘layer’ to texts. This can be, for example, a certain moral that you filter out of the text only by thinking about it, or the use of expressions. In addition, a child must be able to think critically about the content. As a copywriter you usually have nothing to do with the latter. After all, you don’t ask questions afterwards like a teacher does. But it can help determine the text level. Teens: Difficult Readers And then the trickiest group of young readers: teenagers. The international PISA study shows that Dutch 15-year-olds are reading worse and worse.

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