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Which can greatly affect your Taiwan Phone Number overall cost of selling. Anyway, here are my assumptions about the Amazon/eBay fee comparison. Amazon sellers are using FBA with a professional Taiwan Phone Number seller account eBay sellers pay. For credit card processing Storage and shipping fees for sellers to Amazon. Warehouses are not included in these figures. Editor’s Note. The reason Amazon warehouse shipping costs are not Taiwan Phone Number taken into account is that most experienc merchants. Send their goods directly to Amazon directly from the manufacturer.

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When you sell on eBay, you have 4 Taiwan Phone Number main costs . You must pay a $0.35 listing fee to sell your item You must pay a 10% final value fee for your item You must pay Paypal a 2.9% + $.30 credit card processing fee You must pay for product packaging and shipping to the end-user. When Taiwan Phone Number you sell on Amazon, you have 2 main costs . You must pay Amazon a 15 % commission, which includes credit card processing fees You must pay Amazon a fulfillment fee, which depends on the size and weight of your product In this example. Best of all, it’s cheaper to sell on Amazon than Taiwan Phone Number on Ebay Advantage Amazon Which market is easier to manage? Amazon vs eBay With sales on both Amazon and Ebay, it’s clear which marketplace is easier to manage.

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I’m using a set of handkerchiefs that Taiwan Phone Number come in a lightweight box. That weighs less than 13 ounces and sells for $20. Shipping packaging is available free of charge through USPS. Platform eBay Amazon selling price 20 dollars sales expense. Listing fee $.35 0 delivery Taiwan Phone Number process $.88 0 freight $2.80 $2.41 Total cost. In this example, the total cost of selling on eBay is about 11% higher than. On Amazon when shipping is factor in. For larger items, the shipping variance widens because. Amazon Taiwan Phone Number negotiates such low rates with its shipping companies.

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