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Different ages. And what Dominican Republic Phone Number List you should and should not take into account in terms of reading comprehension and AVI levels. Time for some concrete tips that you can apply to all children’s texts. 1. Use your imagination Where with adult texts you may sometimes hold back, with texts for children you can go wild with Dominican Republic Phone Number List fantasy. Use your dreams, wishes and memories and merge them into a world that you create yourself. Nothing is too crazy for children, because they also have a great imagination. By the way, it doesn’t mean that you should only write about foreign creatures, elves and other things that don’t really exist. It’s about thinking creatively. For example, if you don’t know how to describe something in a nice way, think not only about how something looks.

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Continue to fascinate him Dominican Republic Phone Number List or her and reading becomes an experience. 2. Teach the child a wise lesson This is not necessary, and it does not suit all types of texts, but you can give it a try: incorporate a moral into the text. A message, a wise thought or a lesson that you want to pass on to the child. Without being patronizing, of course. You don’t have to take morality literally either. It can be very subtle and simplified. An example of a moral is ‘you must be nice to each other’ or ‘you must not steal’. If your text has such a message, it is recognizable and the child can learn something from it. 3. Adjust your vocabulary In a text for toddlers you use different words

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Between the words in a Dominican Republic Phone Number List children’s text and those in an adult text: the words should be simple, preferably not too long and not old-fashioned. Don’t use sarcasm, children often don’t recognize that yet. From group 6, children begin to understand expressions and sayings in a text, but only process them if you are sure that they are commonly known. And never use too many. Also be careful with (unnecessary) English language . 4. Write short sentences A catchy text has a smooth text flow. This means, among other things, that the sentences are not too long and too woolly. But a text with only short sentences does not go well either: alternate short and long .

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