Top 10 Fonts for Modern Websites

Once upon a time, the habit of most web designers relied on web-safe fonts such as times Roman, Arial, Helvetica, and time trial. These are great fonts, but times have changed and modern websites and blogs need fonts that not only break the Malaysia Phone Number List monotony of Arial and times roman but also that they should look beautiful and have to be easy to read on screens of all sizes. To help you in your quest for the best fonts for your website, we’ve done some research. This article contains a compilation of the best fonts for the site. Fonts do a lot, and it’s important to carefully choose a perfect font for your website. Today, there are thousands of web-safe fonts available on the internet. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best fonts.

What Are Web Safe Fonts?

A decade ago, web browsers were able to display only those fonts that were installed on the visitor’s computer. Since most users use windows-based computers and fonts such as Arial and times roman are pre-installed, it is considered safe to use these fonts on web pages. The use of web-safe fonts ensures that your website will display text in a font that was originally intended. Previously, if a web designer wanted to use some fancy, “unsafe font, there were ways to do it. However, these methods are unstable or they slow down the page loading speed. But, gone are those days. There are now some services that easily serve you large fonts from a huge cache. For the most part, these fonts are free, fast-loading, and reliable.

Best Font Site

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Google fonts is a very useful font library for fancy fonts from where you can get hundreds of fonts. The total number of fonts currently available in google fonts is over 800 in order to save you time, we have selected the following fonts, which we consider to be the best fonts for the website. Most of these fonts are available from google fonts. If the font is not available in google fonts, we have given the source from where to get the font: if you have any questions about this feature for windows, feel free to ask in the comments section. Using high contrast mode is a necessity for some and an option that may be useful for others.

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