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Well, administration is a Dutch word, but Indonesia Phone Number we call it the Trump administration . Not only in the news, but also in your daily work, such lazy translated English regularly slips through. Eighteen Anglicisms to unlearn (or accept). Why are literal translations from English not so easily noticed? That’s because they look so Dutch as hell. At the end of the day is such a case. The problem with this is Indonesia Phone Number that Dutch speakers mainly take this phrase literally, while in English it has the figurative meaning ‘eventually, when push comes to shove’.

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So you better be aware of it. Below you will Indonesia Phone Number find 18 common cases with my opinion: is it acceptable Dutch or not? Because many of those loan translations are (now) so common that you can use them without any objection, for example the battery of your telephone (although you can also call it battery ). Others are too flawed or confusing and therefore inadvisable.


A sneaky example is athlete , which in Dutch only means ‘athletic practitioner’ and not ‘athlete’ in a general sense, as the English athlete can be Indonesia Phone Number used. And some cases are questionable. You can translate more or less by sowing more or less without a doubt, but the most common (and therefore clearest) is more or less . Similar: sooner or later ( sooner or later ) is possible, but why not just sooner or later ? Also something like ‘that’s not rocket science’ is superfluous if you can say just fine.


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