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But you have to be careful, because UAE Phone Number Amazon can easily detect your connections. With friends via Facebook, Google, and other social platforms. So if you go with this strategy, make sure UAE Phone Number you let distant friends or friends. Of friends comment on socially that whom you don’t have a direct connection. Especially if you have a brand new Amazon account and only a small number of sales. You are more likely to be penalized UAE Phone Number manually if you are caught doing this. Just don’t overuse and don’t reuse the same friend for multiple products.

The Problem With UAE Phone Number

Join Review Groups (Security Level: 3/10) review UAE Phone Number team Since. Amazon is getting smarter every day, participating in Amazon product review groups is extremely risky. As I mentioned earlier in this article, Amazon can easily detect review rings and unusual activity UAE Phone Number patterns. The problem with comment groups is that often the same people leave comments over and over. There is often comment reciprocity. “Hey UAE Phone Number Steve, leave me a comment. I’ll leave you one” Multiple sellers leaving product reviews for each other are easy to spot, making this a risky practice.

Less Than Half UAE Phone Number

UAE Phone Number

If you choose to use comment UAE Phone Number groups, do not use them for more than one comment at most. Use Email Add-ons and Run Facebook Ads (Security Level: 7/10) email attachment The email add-on service matches your entire Amazon customer list with a huge database UAE Phone Number of people to get real email addresses for your customers. These services aren’t perfect, and many times you’ll receive email addresses for less than UAE Phone Number half of your customer list. But these emails are very powerful! Once you get emails from paying customers,

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