Under the epidemic, it is not to cultivate internal skills, but to explore feasible methods

We can comfort ourselves by Under the epidemic saying “in an environment of uncertainty, look for certainty”, but in reality, we still have to find specific and feasible methods.

At a time like this, all chicken soup is bullshit, and each  founder can only survive the crisis if he explores a concrete, viable approach. Let me share a few ideas and cases that I know, hoping to give you some inspiration.

Beat Anxiety with Concrete

In the first episode of “Round Table π”, Zhou Yijun said: “What is the antonym of anxiety? It is concrete. When you talk about concrete, you know the method and path. That anxiety is a very illusory emotion. Our feet When you step on a specific path and move forward step by step, there is no anxiety.”

This sentence resonates with me in particular. During the epidemic, the most important emotion for everyone is anxiety. The boss is afraid of not being able to pay wages, employees are afraid of losing their jobs, and partners are afraid of delaying payment… These worries make us at a loss and don’t know what to do.

But once we can express the problem clearly and concretely, the anxiety is naturally released.

for example. A bank in the United States Afghanistan Phone Number launched a savings program, calling on every customer to put down a $500 emergency fund. In the United States, many people do not have the habit of saving money, resulting in nothing to do in the face of emergencies such as flat tires and blocked toilets.

How to find the best one among a bunch of schemes?

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The biggest impact on companies this time around is the restrictions on shipments. At present, more than 200 cities across the country are unable to deliver goods, and e-commerce sales data have been declining.

We will consult with the customer Human Happy Snail Noodles. The product has just been launched for 2 months, and it has caught up with the epidemic for one month. How to stabilize performance during the epidemic?

These 4 options can stabilize performance, but which one is the most suitable for you? How to find the best one among a bunch of solutions?

I want to share with you a very simple and powerful method called “Focus Map”. The focus map was created by Fogg, a Ph.D. in human behavior at Stanford University, who used it to help tens of thousands of people successfully identify the best solutions.

The horizontal axis of the focus map represents the difficulty of doing this, and whether it can be executed in place. The vertical axis represents how influential and effective the behavior is.

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