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Now on the surface, Amazon seems to Slovenia Phone Number have 2x the number of customers compared to eBay. But thanks to Amazon Prime, those subscriber numbers don’t paint an accurate picture. Not only does Amazon have 2x more shoppers, but their customers are also more Slovenia Phone Number loyal. Of Amazon’s 310 million users, more than 100 million are Amazon Prime members who are very active on the platform. Here are some crazy facts about Amazon to give you an idea of ​​how rabid their user base is. Of shoppers start their Slovenia Phone Number shopping journey on Amazon compared to 34.6% on.

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Google 95 million people pay for Slovenia Phone Number Amazon Prime in the US alone Amazon Prime members spend an average of $130 per year Non-Amazon Prime members spend an average of $700 per year Over 50% of Amazon sales come from third-party sellers 90% of consumers Slovenia Phone Number check Amazon’s selection or price before purchasing a product on a retailer’s website. In my experience, you can easily sell 10-15 times more on Amazon and eBay. In fact, for Bumblebee Linens, we mostly sell on Slovenia Phone Number eBay to liquidate our irregularities, and we earn 6 figures a year just selling on Amazon.

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Advantage Amazon Which market is Slovenia Phone Number more competitive? Amazon vs eBay As of 2019, Amazon had more than 5 million sellers. On its platform across all of its marketplaces, and that Slovenia Phone Number number continues. To increase at the rate of 100,000 new users per month. Meanwhile, eBay has more than 25 million sellers on its platform, with more than 1.1 billion live listings. But even though eBay has more than 5x the number Slovenia Phone Number of sellers. If you do the math, most eBay sellers make minuscule revenue.

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