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It is not a recommended practice  unless your Senegal Phone Number offer varies a lot from one location to another (eg excursions, tourist accommodation, etc.). Ideally  you should have a page for each product/service and indicate in them which locations it can be Senegal Phone Number purchased. For example. If you are a Brick and Click business and you offer the Click and Collect option (buy online and pick up in store) .You can indicate from the PDP in which locations the purchase Senegal Phone Number can be made. Location pages or location pages – these pages are especially important in Brick and Click models .

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Include your NAP (Name, Address, Phone). Use geolocated images if applicable and of Senegal Phone Number course, incorporate maps and links to your Google Company Profile (Google My Business) files. In case of having a single location  it is recommended that this content be integrated into. The home page Senegal Phone Number since this way you will gain more strength. Blog – is a great channel to work on recruitment. You can use this section of your website to give your content a local focus .

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Generating this type of content will help you strengthen your brand as a local reference . As well as your locations. In addition you will be able to build internal links with Senegal Phone Number anchor text associated with local searches. In order to reinforce some of your target keywords. Avoid creating an overly complex and convoluted web structure . If you intend to reach all corners of the Senegal Phone Number world with specific URLs for it. You could fall into problems of duplication and cannibalization .

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