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user recording analysis is a particular analysis technique of the large family. Of user research analyzes linked to user experience but also of Conversion Rate Optimization . This is the low-cost, remote version of user testing. While user testing lets real people navigate (remotely or live). On a platform (site or app) and observes their interactions. Creating an interaction (questions and answers, etc.), The Obviously not being able to talk to a person and having to make inference. Or assume and try to interpret why a mouse moves in a certain way is an analysis that. Brings a little less insight (certainly compared to user testing), but it has a lot of cost. lower.

What Is User Recording and What Is It for

My favorite is definitely hotjar as it is freemium. Easy to install with google tag manager and includes numerous products such as surveys. Very useful polls to Morocco Phone Number complete the vision on the user’s picture. It also offers a great filtering capacity for types of user recordings, emotions based on strange behaviors and so on. stream from user recording hotjar How to do the analysis in 3 steps 1.

Define goals and things to look at It is important to define the Key Questions: QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FLOW What navigation flow do they have? which are the most consulted pages? where does the user drop out the most? Where does it go further back? QUESTIONS ABOUT INTERACTIONS What are the most repeated actions? watch both mobile and desktop look at both those who arrive at conversion and those who do not watch videos with high KPIs (high number of pages, long duration, etc.)

What Other Analyzes Can Be Combined?

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And low KPIs look at who starts from the home, but also who starts from a different landing. And we can at the stage where we lock ourselves in a room (without interruptions and a lot of concentration) to watch videos and take notes . We recommend the following methods for collecting information: . synthesize the results this part is very difficult as it is necessary to put all our notes together. We proceed through a map of affinities or clustering of information or similar behaviors / problems are approached by creating a group, a topic to which we will give a name based on the insight found.

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