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High expectations for you as a professional Writing down an Algeria Phone Number List ambition is one thing. Converting this into action is two. As a communication or participation professional, you are therefore looked at with high expectations. How are you going to help the organization achieve this high ambition? Do you organize residents’ meetings? Do you conduct surveys among the residents’ Algeria Phone Number List panel? Or do you regularly ask residents questions on social media?

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But does this really lead to a situation in which you Algeria Phone Number List communicate and collaborate on a structural basis with an involved group from society? Types of Algeria Phone Number List online communities Online communities come in all shapes and sizes. Free online communities on social media. Paid online communities through an existing platform, such as Pleio and Ning. A self-built online community. In this article we focus on the (free) possibilities that social media platforms offer to set up communities.

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Why should you shift your focus from generic, organic content on the timeline to conversation and collaboration in smaller communities? We Algeria Phone Number List are happy to convince you with the following five arguments. Also read: 6 reasons to be active on social media in the evening 1. The interaction possibilities within groups are endless We wrote about it before. Facebook and LinkedIn are investing heavily in their groups functionality now and probably in the coming years. That is of course not without reason. At their core, these platforms revolve around interaction and connection.

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