Ways to Get More People to Share Your Content on Social Media

Not everyone who blogs gets an average of 1,000 shares per post. Quite ironically, some bloggers reach their first 1,000 or even 10,000 shares within a few hours or post a day. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get more than 100. Honest shares on a blog (you can get 500 by spamming in a Facebook group. But it’s worthless). While more shares are socially  Nigeria Phone Number List  important proof, it also shows that many of my readers have struggled with low share numbers. Check out this article to see how easy it is to automatically share your content on Facebook and other social networks. It helps in the promotion of content. If you are one of the former categories and want more stake in your blog post, I have listed 11 innovative ways to get more stake from your blog post. Make your social share buttons prominent and fast loading.

Make Your Social Plugin Float

You can use the free social sharing plugin for Digg for this purpose. Or try a more advanced, customizable monarch plugin. We all use social sharing plugins for our blog posts. But most of the time our audience starts developing it blindly. This means that although they see the plugin and social buttons, they ignore them because they are used to looking at it for a long. Second, when our plugin tends to load a little slower, it doesn’t serve its purpose. I know of no one who shares a blog post as a loading page sooner than they start reading it and then share it. But when a reader opens a page and soon after he sees that the company already has some 200 shares, he is influenced by social proof.

Make the Button Contrast

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Don’t choose something that matches your theme’s color scheme. They may not attract attention. Here are two occasions just to see how the share button. Gets the same color scheme in image 1, and see how the share button stands out in image 2. Believe it or not, most readers have a busy routine and some stuff on a new tab that is too lazy to click and share. If you want them to share it, why not serve it on their plate ready to eat? You can use the Shareaholic plugin or the monarch plugin to add pin buttons to your images, only visible on hover. This will grab the reader’s attention and they can also share the images they want to Pinterest.

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