Website Redesign Case Study: 100% Increase in Traffic

We thrive on growth. It is even one of our core values. Like any growing business, we have opportunities and reasons to reflect on who we are as we evolve and refine our brand. It’s not uncommon for companies to struggle to run their own services themselves. We never had a problem drinking our own Kool-Aid (yes, it’s orange!). So when we decided the changes and growth warranted a website redesign. The team did an outstanding job of treating the project as if it were a client. From our defined design and development process. To content interviews for each page, our in-house team got creative as they. Walked through every part of our client process for the completely redesigned website. Why we redesigned our website We embarked on a redesign of our website because. The fundamentals of how we do business have changed over the years.

Three Years Have Passed Since the Last Visual

Three years have passed since the last visual overhaul of our website and our business has matured and the industry has changed. Our sales process and communication no longer matched what our website said, so it was time for a big change. The Algeria Phone number nature of our business has changed When we started offering inbound marketing services, we were one of a few hundred partners around the world. Since then, the industry ecosystem has changed dramatically (as has the competition). It is more important than ever to differentiate ourselves. Our sales process has started to change Over the past few years, the way inbound marketing works has also changed.

While Our Sales Process and Service Delivery

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While our sales process and service delivery have constantly adapted, the way our website explained inbound marketing and campaign tactics has not changed. While our blog remained a useful resource for the latest industry guidance, the site content we relied on to drive conversions began to wane as our way of working moved further away from the way we explained it. Challenges we faced before launch Our last website redesign, about three years ago, was a big visual refresh. For the most part, the content has not changed. So essentially we were still communicating the pain points of four to five years ago, focusing on validating and explaining the inbound marketing methodology. These days, inbound marketing is more widely known and no one needs to prove it works.

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