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Within our client organization with valuable input, which allowed us to sharpen USPs in the various means of communication. With speech analytics we improve on the axis of quality of service, costs and adding value. And as far as I’m concerned, this is the balance that you should strive for. 3. Collaboration Collaboration Iran Phone Number within your team, organization and with your partners is an important ingredient to achieve results. The way of working and team composition are important to achieve results quickly. At Eneco we work with Scrum and we have tried to organize it in terms of team composition in such a way that the team has few dependencies and can do as much as possible itself.

Allowed Us To Sharpen Usps

My biggest take-away is in the element of ‘communication’. The case about smart routing once again confirmed for me how important communication is. I invested a lot of time in this case. In addition to regular mutual communication, I have invested a lot of time in communication with stakeholders. I have held more than 10 different stakeholder sessions (from experts to management) with my team to take them into the results, ideas but also questions regarding smart routing. We pitched how the technology can work even more for value maximization and inventoried needs. We also shared our struggle (the search for concrete follow-up steps to further roll out this innovation.


To Sharpen Usps

By putting a lot of energy into these sessions, we managed to: Good to tell how we can get more value from customer contact and how to balance the image (cost/profit center) a little more. To inspire with which we could gather new ideas and mindsets. Further promote co-creation by bringing us into contact with colleagues from other other departments (Commerce, strategy). Realize commitments for additional resources and expertise from other departments to advance smart routing. Practical tips Do your research . With the help of which initiatives and innovations can you quickly deliver added value and make an impact on value maximization.

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