What Drives Consumers To Buy Products?

  • Gen X prefers to discover new products through search, television ads, and in retail stores
  • Gen X discovers new products on social media more frequently than any other channel, even though it isn’t preferred
  • 90% of Gen X use social media – Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are their favorite apps
  • 18% of Gen X have bought a product through an in-app shop in the past three months. The same number bought based on an influencer’s recommendation in that period
  • 35% of Gen Xers say companies should take a stance on social issues, specifically climate change, affordable healthcare, racial justice, and income inequality. 38% say companies shouldn’t engage with social issues, and 26% aren’t sure


  • TV ads, internet search, and retail stores are the top ways Boomers discover new products
  • Social media falls flat for boomers –  just 17% have discovered a product on it in the past three months, and only 4% have purchased a product on a social app in that time
  • About half of boomers say companies should not take a stance on social issues. When it comes to influencing their purchase decisions, social issues simply have no impact on a majority of Boomers.


A Generational Comparison of Today’s Shopping Trends [Side-by-Side Data]

Where Do Consumers Discover Products?

Social media, internet search, and Youtube ads are key for Wuhan Mobile Phone Number reaching Gen Z and Millennials, while TV, search, and retail are favored by Gen X and Boomers.

When it comes to making purchase decisions, all generations are highly influenced by price, quality, and product reviews. Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X also value brands that have active communities around them and a social media presence. Additionally, whether a percentage of the proceeds from their purchase will be donated to charity is highly important to Gen Z.

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Where Do Consumers Like to Buy Products?

All generations favor buying products in-person at a store over any other channel, but this preference decreases significantly with age. Buying through online retailers like Amazon and directly from a company’s website is also popular. Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X are most interested in buying through social media and from a company’s mobile app.

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