What Elements Should I Include on My Website?

For your website to be truly effective, here are some elements that you should include on it:

    • An attractive value proposition: The first screenshot that the customer sees when entering your website should be a summary of your value proposition, that is, what you are offering him to USA Phone Number help him solve his problems or satisfy his needs. Your value proposition must be specific, forceful, differentiated, persuasive and interesting. For example, in the insurance comparator sector, companies that offer this type of service focus their value proposition on “helping you save time and money when choosing the insurance you need” . In this case, the client is clear that using this type. Of platform he will receive a quantifiable benefit in terms of time and money.
    • Lead magnet: Includes an element that allows you to convert visitors into leads. For example, if you include a subscription form offering an ebook or exclusive content, you will get many potential customers to sign up and then you will take care of building trust and selling to them.
    • Calls to action: Throughout your site, include elements in strategic positions that lead the visitor to action. They can be purchase buttons, invitations to comment, social sharing buttons, etc.
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    • Products and Services: Present your portfolio in an attractive and complete way. Include all the information required by the client: prices, sizes, etc.
    • Relevant information for the client: Depending on your business model, make sure you offer all the key information that your client requires. Include a “Frequently Asked Questions” section, so you will avoid unnecessarily lengthening the sales process.
    • Persuasive elements: Throughout your page, include persuasive elements so that the customer feels more confident when buying. According to psychologist Robert Cialdini , these are the six elements of human persuasion: Mutuality, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Sympathy, and Consensus.
  • Contact information: Include all the information from the contact channels
  • you handle so that customers can consult you with any questions.

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