What if Your Site Was Hacked Last Night?

Imagine that tomorrow when you go to work, you receive a call from one of your clients and they tell you that they tried to access your website, but the only thing that appeared was a large page registration warning them that your site is not secure. Your mind is starting to race! Are they sure they have the right website? Why wouldn’t your site show up? So, you jump to Venezuela WhatsApp Number List your computer and open your website. Yes, it is there, where your website used to be. You are looking at a bright red screen telling you that your website is not secure and you cannot access your site. Now what?! Unfortunately, this is when most people start thinking about their website security. This is also when you realize exactly how much your website means to your business. If you have a merchant site, you lose sales immediately.

If You Rely on Your Site to Generate Leads

There Venezuela WhatsApp Number List are a couple of things you need to answer immediately. First, you need to get your site fixed. Second, and perhaps most importantly, you now need to begin the process of earning back the trust of the people who use your site. Hacked site cleanup The day you planned has just changed. Your attention should now be on how to restore your website. Then, once your site is live, you need to figure out how it happened and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Let’s start with the first issue, that bright red warning blocking people from accessing your site.

This Warning Page and the Blocking Placed

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This warning page and the blocking placed on your site is carried out by Google’s Chrome browser. I know, your first thought is “Well, that’s not so bad, only people using Chrome as their browser are blocked”. Yes, but it’s still bad. Google’s Chrome browser currently dominates the browser market, with over 58% of all internet users using Chrome. Backup. Hopefully, you back up your site regularly. If so, you can restore your site from a previous backup and get back to Venezuela WhatsApp Number List business with relatively minimal hassle. If you haven’t backed up your website, do so now, before you do anything else. Yes, your site has been infected, but if you back up your site now, chances are you can remove the virus or malware from the backed-up files.

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