What Role Does Ux Research Play in Building Better Apps

When it comes to designing and building a mobile app that your target users will love, there’s one piece of the puzzle you can’t afford to overlook: IN-Latvia B2B List . Without research, your app building team is acting on impulse. You don’t know what your target customer actually wants, why they want it, or how you should provide it to them. If you don’t create a user experience that your target users cling to, they won’t bother to come back for more. Here’s the harsh reality of user experience: 34% of respondents say functionality drives their decision to download an app or not. And most won’t come back, or might even delete the app, if that should happen.

If Your User Doesn’t Like Your App the First

If your user doesn’t like your app the first time around, you can bet they’re gone for good. Just like that. So how do you deliver an experience your users will love? That’s right, research. Before you can launch your build, you need to Latvia B2B List ask lots of questions about. Your target audience and gather all possible information about their ideal app experience. This is Latvia B2B List where UX research comes in. There’s a question every UX researcher needs to ask first: what actually drives someone to download a mobile app? Many app designers and developers ignore statistics and rush forward thinking they already have all the answers.

They Assume That if the App Looks Great

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They assume that if the app looks great and they create beautiful visuals for the app store, everyone will download it. But the functionality of the app is more important than its appearance. When we asked millennials why they choose to download an app, 48% said functionality was a key factor, while only 37% cited design. millennial influence Not only is the functionality of the app more important than the design, but it also outperforms recommendations from close friends. Millennials want to use apps that do something their competitors can’t. They want an app they like to use. They want to have a positive experience with the app.

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