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A chargeback recovery process is initiated. Initially. An email is sent to the producer and affiliate alerting them about the chargeback. The producer can then communicate to the hotmart team with documents that help in reversing the chargeback. The problem is that the guarantees offered by means of payment work. Almost always. Only for physical products. Since it is necessary to present a tracking code from the post office. Or a document with legal validity signed by the buyer (eg a contract). Hardly. Sellers of digital products work with signed contracts. Or postage of goods via mail.

Which makes it very difficult to reverse these chargebacks. However. There is a certain type of chargeback that is easier to reverse. Which is when the buyer is not malicious. That is. He simply forgot about the purchase and therefore did not recognize it on the credit card statement. In these cases. Reversal usually works well. As the buyer is agreeing to it. Some large companies that work with online classes often require buyers to sign. Scan and send the student agreement to a specific sector before presenting the payment button. This ensures that the company will be able to fight for chargebacks when they occur.

It Adds A Very Large

Operational burden on the company and often Honduras cell phone numbers this type of process is unfeasible or simply not desirable in the strategy of a digital entrepreneur. 3) ticket conversion enhancer hotmart has automatic mechanisms to warn the buyer that the ticket is close to expiration. So that he remembers and pays them. This mechanism is quite efficient and. Often. The buyer responds to these automatic emails and asks the support team to generate a new boleto. So that he can pay the next day. 4) source link tracking (src) one of hotmart’s little-known features is the src parameter.

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Which allows affiliates to track the origin of purchases. Through src. It is possible to segment the clicks on your affiliate link and assign them a label that will later be used to track which origin generated the most results. You can learn more about src in this article. 5) origin checkout tracking (sck) it is similar to src. But only used by producers. Sometimes the producer wants to create several different checkout pages for the same product and see which one converts the most. Or. They may simply want to know which “buy button” is converting the most. Within the same page. To do so. Just add. At the end of the checkout link.

The Parameter

The label that will be assigned to any purchase originated from that click. In the end. The producer checkout link with sck will look something like this?order=aaaaaa &sck=xxxxx you can consult a report of sales grouped by sck in “home -> statistics and reports -> sales composition by checkout origin”. 6) pre-select the installment option (split) it is also aimed only at producers. If your product has several installment options and you want to present the checkout with a pre-selected option that is not “in view”. You can do this through the “split” parameter. At the end of your checkout link. Where x is the number of installments.

And the equivalent installment option will be pre-selected for your buyer. For example. If you have a product that has installments up to 8x. You could add &split=8 after your checkout link so that the 8x option is already selected for your buyer. A split checkout link would look something like this: ?order=aaaa &split=3 7) pre-populated checkout producers can pre-populate the checkout fields for their buyers if they already have this information beforehand. Just add the parameters to the end of the checkout link.

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