Where’s My Phone: Track Your Lost Phone (Android)

A friend recently came to the city and she lost her brand new Samsung Galaxy phone on the station. She didn’t know if she had misplaced it, the place had dropped it, or if the phone had been stolen. In any case, losing your phone.  Not only because it is an expensive device, but also because it contains important Benin Phone Number List data is quite shocking. At times like these, everyone feels as if we could somehow track our phones. The good news is that it is indeed possible to track your phone or tablet! In this article.  We will discuss how to track your lost android phone or tablet.

Use Android Device Manager to Record Your Phone

This is the easiest way to track the location of your android phone. Android device manager (ADM) is google’s service that tracks your phone. Wondering how it works? Well, you already know that android is a google product. When you purchase an Android-based phone, you need to log into your phone using a Google account. As long as you’re using your phone, you’ll stay logged in to your google account. With the help of this persistent connection with google servers, your phone keeps transmitting its location to your google account. By the way, you might be surprised that this is how google maps show real-time traffic conditions as well! You can set ADM settings on your phone’s google account. In some cases, these settings can also be located under security settings.

Find My Phone: Orbit Samsung Phone

If you’ve lost your Samsung phone, you can easily track it using Samsung’s own tracking service. This service is called “find my phone.  You can (and should ) create a Samsung account together while you have your phone. After that, you just need to remember your login and password. If you lose your phone, you can go to the Samsung find my phone website and log into your account. Samsung will track the phone to you. If you take preemptive action before your phone is lost, there is a chance that you will be able to find it. Additionally, you can also protect your data if you take precautions. Therefore, we recommend that you activate the android device manager settings on your phone. Also, if you have a Samsung phone, you should activate a Samsung account.

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