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Which tools are useful for meetings, and Australia Phone Number which ones are more useful for online fun? My colleague Sanne listed 11 tools and also added more tips from the community. 12 online tools for video calling & online meeting 2. Locked at home with the kids? 22 fun and educationally responsible tips Australia Phone Number Schools and childcare locations are currently closed due to the coronavirus. Kids are at home, but how can you keep them entertained without putting them in front of the TV all day.

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Gemma shares (more than) 22 fun, educationally Australia Phone Number sound tips with you. Be sure to check the comments for more tips! Locked at home with the kids? 22 educational tips to do online (for free) 3. Corona & AVG: what about privacy in case of an epidemic or pandemic? What about employee privacy in the Australia Phone Number event of an epidemic or pandemic, such as the coronavirus? Jitty van Doodewaerd investigates in this article. It turns out that employers are not allowed to register infections (but they can still do a number of other things).

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corona privacy just a tip in between: we have Australia Phone Number created the special ‘ Coronavirus & working at home’ page, where you will find all kinds of useful articles, knowledge and tips! 4. Four types of hard workers: how do you work smarter? #nevernotworking The increase in burnouts and depression shows that Australia Phone Number hard work is increasingly becoming an issue. What type of hard worker you determine how you can tackle this. Because hard work is not healthy.


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