Why and How to Integrate Facebook and Paid Search Marketing Strategies

Most e-commerce business owners can. Be split into two distinct groups: those who think facebook ads are king. And those who think google ads are the rule. If you’re one of those e-commerce entrepreneurs who seem. To lean very heavily one way or the other, you’re missing the big picture. If you stick exclusively to facebook and other social media ads. You’re missing out on the benefits of taking all. That money spent on generating brand awareness with social ads. To the next level: recapturing shoppers. Leads into your sales funnel with google. For those of you who are determin. To only spend your advertising dollars on paid search. You’re missing out on all the lead-generating volume that facebook ads help you create.

Lead Volume Is Important if You Want to

Lead volume is important if you want to win in the competitive search keyword game. Here’s the thing: your potential buyers aren’t limit to just one channel. Instead, they bounce around the internet and make  Azerbaijan Phone number their buying decisions in a non-linear fashion. Therefore, the secret to a winning marketing strategy is not black or white (Facebook or Google Ads); it’s about integrating social media and paid search marketing strategies so they work together to bring you more, better-targeted traffic and increased conversions. In short: you need both! Why You Need Paid Search Marketing Access to invaluable data.

Data Generated From Running Paid CampaignsAzerbaijan Phone Number List


Data generated from running paid campaigns will give you valuable insights into high/low performing products, popular keywords and effective content, which will help you build better strategies across all your channels advertisers. Reaching Buyers with Higher Purchase Intent: Reaching Google searchers means grabbing the attention of potential buyers while they are actively searching for what you are selling. Drive consistent, immediate traffic: Paid search brings consistent, targeted traffic to your store as soon as your ads go live. SEO Building: While building your long-term organic traffic, Paid Search complements your short-term SEO efforts by not only making your store more relevant, which aids rankings, but bringing instant traffic to that end. that you are fully optimized for SEO.

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