Why Companies Should Monitor Fake News Sites

Every day, unscrupulous characters post hundreds of fabricated stories online about companies and celebrities to gain financial advantage, sway opinion or cause harm. Companies, nonprofits, and celebrities never know when fake news might accuse them of criminal, immoral, or bizarre behavior. More than 2,000 identified online news sources publish false, outlandish, extremist, grossly biased or satirical information every day. Most of the fake news that appears on social media comes from these fake news sites. Examples of businesses targeted by fake news sites.

A Fake News Site Reported That Dollar General

A fake news site reported that Dollar General was closing all stores. A false story claimed that Pepsi CEO Indra Noori told Trump supporters to “do their business elsewhere”. Another fictional story relates that a Pepsi employee injected HIV-infected blood into Pepsi products. A website has published articles falsely claiming that an Indian restaurant in the Austria B2B List UK, KarriTwist, was selling human meat and its owner has been arrested. The restaurant saw its sales drop by half. When considering a media monitoring service, it is essential to select one that sends timely email alerts when a potentially image-damaging story in a fake news site mentions the name of company or other selected keywords. With an early warning, the company or its PR agency can quickly refute misinformation.

A Satirical Website Has Led Readers to

Austria B2B List

A satirical website has led readers to believe that the Walt Disney Company is planning to open a new theme park in a small town on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Fake news can cause enormous damage to a company’s or personal reputation, especially if it goes viral on social media. It is essential that companies monitor these fake news sites to defend against their attacks. Public relations and crisis communications experts generally recommend that companies use media monitoring to protect their reputation.

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