Why do you need to water blueberry in the plot? Five heavy factors

High blueberry, which is mistaken for baby meat, recently began to gain popularity for the garden. Its homeland is North America, it grows in this territory in the industrial sector. Blueberry can grow up to 3 meters, and because of this ability, it is called “Celebration Tree”. It has many advantages, but consider the following. Perhaps the most important reason for the mass cultivation of blueberry is a special taste. Berries collected from the bush are more valuable, but it is not always possible to grow them in the garden plot. To taste, the high blueberry looks like a wild one, but the first one is better and sweeter.

The Inevitable Benefits


Of a learned culture are many. One bush can produce 10 kg of fruit, which can be recycled, used in cooking or used fresh in food. Berries are large, 1.5-2 times more than the growing bush.

Culture does not go away from Italy Phone Number abandonment, it has a strong immune system and does not suffer from diseases and pest attacks. However, it is very important to choose different types of soil that you live in, and adjust the conditions that you need. Blueberry is good for protecting the air.

The Most Beautiful Bushes


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Of blueberry will be in the fruit, save moisture, light soil, light, like a swamp. If the soil fails, these markers need to create a deep hole in the soil, put salted oranges in it, and after planting a priority circle for the cheese to rise.

Experts offer more than a hundred varieties of blueberries. You can choose a variety of plants in taste between large and dwarf and wife and spread, with early and late maturity. The type of culture distinguishes the amount of other fruits, the ability to transfer juice and water.


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