Why Does Facebook Change Its News Feed?

Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Facebook announced that it decided to modify its news. Feed-in in order to present more relevant and quality content. Now the parameters to decide what content to promote at the. The Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List top of the updated wall will be based on the interests of the users. It is common for the social network founded by mark Zuckerberg to change its algorithms. To improve engagement and protect its business. Now the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List intention is to offer users publications that are closer to their interests. In order to encourage greater interaction, by combining the parameters of virality and quality.

One possible reason for these changes is that

One possible reason for Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List these changes is that Facebook recently acknowledged. That adblockers have “Occasionally” affected its business. The social network obtains 96 percent of its income through advertising. So the application of this technology by users can be a risk for the company. In a note posted on its blog, the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List social network explains that this update will not significantly impact reach or referral traffic on most pages. They

The modification of the algorithm for News

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The Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List modification of the algorithm for News Feed content can help brands that advertise on the social network to position themselves on the walls in a way that is closer to the interests of users. Twitter -with more than 300 million users- is another social network that has a similar service to promote content. It does this through a feature called “While you were away” where it places tweets based on the number of interactions they receive or if they are from accounts that the user follows. The Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List goal is the same to encourage interaction.

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