Why Successful Value Propositions Require a Team Effort

Think about it. In your organization, who is responsible for developing your company’s value proposition? As a long-time marketer, I realize that developing a value proposition is widely considered the marketer’s “stuff”. But what really touches me is that this tunnel vision is the crux of the alignment problem that most companies face. According to IDC, when the sales and marketing teams of a B2B company have differing views on what to sell and who to sell it to, it costs them more than 10% of revenue each year. Despite this, Forrester Research recently discovered that only 24% of organizations collaborate internally to define target segments and accounts.

But It’s Not Just About the Sales and Marketing

But it’s not just about the sales and marketing teams. Every employee at all levels and departments of the. Organization is responsible for understanding the company’s value proposition. And ensuring it is delivered to the customer. From your Poland Phone number product team to your accounting. Department to customer service, it’s everyone’s job. To stay relevant to the customer, no matter the size of your business. A few years ago, I found this harvard business review. Article that drew some interesting parallels between innovation. And value propositions and explained why a culture of collaborative innovation is essential.  Simply put, if your organization as a whole isn’t in tune with your customers, you can’t innovate.

And if You Can’t Innovate, You End Up Becoming

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And if you can’t innovate, you end up becoming obsolete. Now let’s take a look at all the departments that need to be involv to deliver this value to your customers. You only charge your customers for what they use; rather than a typical “all or nothing” package. Your clients love it because they know they can scale their business with you when the time is right and save their valuable capital for other investments that impact their growth now. And of course, your product must work perfectly. Finally, a step that often does not happen in organizations is that someone.

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