Why Your Business Needs a Youtube Dynamite Marketing Strategy

We’re not sure we have to convince you that people like watching videos. But in case you haven’t realized how much, users watch ONE BILLION hours of YouTube a day, which is royally equivalent to the watch time of any other video hosting platform. As the second largest search engine in the world, maintaining an active YouTube channel is something of a marketing must-have. So why are companies resisting jumping on the YouTube marketing bandwagon? Maybe they think the competition is too high. Or maybe they’re too busy trying to rank on Google, neglecting to explore the full power of YouTube as a traffic source and sales tool.

Youtube Helps You Rank on the Daddy of

YouTube helps you rank on the daddy of all search engines: GoogleNEWSFLASH: Google bought YouTube in 2006 and has since invested years and unfathomable sums in advancing its search tool. If YouTube was a person, he would be Google’s quirky, vintage son. And if YouTube is owned by Google… don’t you think daddy Google has a reason to show the Turkey Phone number search engine some extra love? After all, companies promote their own assets, and you bet Google is promoting crap from its video marketing platform. Here are some ways YouTube rules Google Search: YouTube Dominates Videos Featured on Google’s Rich Snippets and Organic ResultsA study by Wistia found that YouTube is royally knocking the socks off all other video hosting platforms when it comes to ranking previews on Google.

Also, for Organic Search Results, You Are More

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Also, for organic search results, you are more likely to see a YouTube video suggestion as an easy answer to your query before all other video sources. Think about it? Have you ever seen a Wistia video listed directly on the results page? Let’s not forget that video results are display as thumbnails, which are both eye-catching and take up a lot of space on the results page. An organic result from your video could potentially drop your competitors lower or onto page two. YouTube gets its own ‘Videos’ and ‘Pictures’ search tabs on Google results pages whenever you search on Google, you get several “tabs” to select from, such as News, Maps, Shopping, etc., two of which are dedicated to videos and images only. Who hosts the video results? You guessed it: YouTube.

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