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Implementing live chat for your customer service team might seem like a big decision – and it is! – but that’s just the first step in modernizing your customer service strategy. Fortunately, setting up a live chat system on. Your website is often quite simple, but a tool is not useful. If your teams are not trained to use it correctly and are not fully on board. With its potential to make life easier. Simply providing technical training on. The new system and then letting your officers go. Free will not adequately prepare them for the job. Agents may not be sufficiently prepared to adapt their existing. Knowledge of customer service to the live chat system. Which could lead to negative customer encounters through misinterpreted. Comments, slow chats, or lapses. Grammar.

For This Reason, It’s Important to Complement

For this reason, it’s important to complement systems training with training focused on the experience of your live chat customers, helping your agents understand the service impacts of your new channel. Here are five things to Albania Phone number consider when effectively training your team on chat support. Live chat presents additional challenges. Without being able to hear a client speak or see their body language, how do you read the intricacies of their communication to truly understand the meaning of what they’re saying? And how can you be a good listener or build relationships just by exchanging typed messages.

Attention to Wording Becomes Absolutely

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Attention to wording becomes absolutely crucial here to enable you to do all of this. Agents need to step their communication up a notch to consider sentence structure, word choice, and conversational flow in constructing and assessing the intent of a communication. Tip : Run a short training session introducing the Mehrabian communication model and ask your agents to think about the impacts of having no tone or body language to help them communicate. The questions to ask are: What problems might arise if relying solely on words to communicate? How could miscommunication have happened?

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