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Like the we-feeling, language and voice are skills that can Costa Rica Phone Number List be trained. Stienen & Winkelhuis (aff.) encourage speakers to think about your ‘crown jewels’. What do you want people to remember from your story? What are your crown jewels? The following questions are helpful in getting started with this: What is your opening sentence? What are the three main substantive points? With which closing sentence do you close? When preparing for your presentation, make sure you always have the three most important crown jewels in mind. It is the core you want to fall back on.

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With your opening sentence you ensure that you attract Costa Rica Phone Number List everyone’s attention. And with the closing sentence you make a clear point to your story. During a working lunch I started a presentation with the statement This triggered my colleagues to think about the similarities between the largest university of applied sciences and the most beautiful club in the Netherlands. In terms of content, I asked them three questions: Where are we standing right now? Where do we want to go? And what are we missing? And in the closing I asked the question.

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How can we ensure that the AUAS becomes a little more Ajax?” To properly Costa Rica Phone Number List convey your crown jewels, use your voice. You can train these so that through better use of your voice you become more charismatic and you can convey your story more powerfully. 5. Body Language The fifth ingredient for increasing your charisma is your body language. Charismatic speakers are very aware of their body language. How they stand or sit, use their hands and space, how they look and breathe. Because they know that what you convey non-verbally determines to a large extent what others think of your story. During the conference ‘The Next Student’ the day was closed by Karl Raats ,

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