You want to start a business, but don’t want

You want to start a business, but don’t want easy jobs to make you tiring? Want to have an income, but also don’t want to be too tired to do the work? Well, you can start by doing a digital marketing course and using Facebook Ads as a solution. Facebook Ads is one of the components that most digital marketers do in order to attract consumers.

4 Tips for Effective Interaction with Others

In today’s era, technological developments are increasingly mushrooming everywhere, making it easy to interact with people far away. How come? Currently, you only need to click on a few sites that you want. The goal is to add insight and information you want to get.

For those of you who have an interest in expanding your business and developing a wider market reach, social media is the right solution. One of them, namely Facebook Ads that can meet your business needs. By using digital marketing techniques and Facebook Ads, you can increase your audience who will later become your customers.

Learn to Create Facebook Ads Belajar Membuat Facebook Ads

Create a Facebook Ads Account
If you use Facebook Ads for business purposes, then the most important thing is that you must know information about the costs of placing ads on Facebook.

You enter into account settings using your account

Click the “billing” menu, you can add a credit card account which will later be one of the payment methods into your account
Fill out the form from top to bottom, in the first choice you have to fill in the account name first
Add another payment method to avoid the possibility that your credit card is blocked
Fill in other information which will later become additional information that you have. More functions for billing payments
In the Facebook Ads payment method, you can also pay via debit or credit, paypal, or Facebook ad coupons
How to Create Creative Facebook Ads
After you create an account and know all of the ad models available on Facebook Ads, you can use Facebook for your business needs.

1. Setting Goals
If you want to determine the purpose of your ad, then you can click on the “manage ads” section. Then, you can create ads according to what you want through the “create ad” located at the top right of your Facebook page.

2. Insert Image
In order to attract the interest of ad visitors, then you can set the purpose of the ad later. In addition, you can insert images, because this is to improve a promotional performance that you have done.

3. Ad Placement Spot
When you want to publish an ad on a Facebook page, later there will be an offer for several placement spots. Among them are newsfeed and mobile.

The most important thing in ad placement is that you must use placements that already support the mobile version. For the rest, visit the Campus Digital website.

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