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That platform informs or inspires my target group in line with the ideas of my company. This way I am found much faster when people are searching with questions, to which my company can provide answers. I would also spend a lot of time looking for ways to showcase my knowledge on the channels my audience visits, for example through guest blogs or as a speaker. In doing so, I would pay special attention to trusted channels (such as trade media or communities) with which I would like to be associated. That way, those target groups will associate my name and my brand name with these trusted channels. However, if my challenge is more halfway through the funnel, or even later as in customer loyalty, my approach will be different.

Collaboration Within Your Team

So the key is to tailor your approach to the place in the customer journey where your company currently faces the most challenges, or pain.” Laptop Pointer 2: which marketing competencies should an SME have in-house? We can define Malaysia Phone Number content creators to marketing automation experts and from SEO specialists to social media wizards. To fill all the different roles, many B2Bs recruit or train ‘ T-Shaped Marketers . But one marketer cannot be a specialist in all areas of expertise. What would be the 3 most relevant competencies you would look for in a T-Shaped marketer if you were an SME entrepreneur.


Within Your Team

f I could build a T-Shaped team, these are the 3 most important roles. I would like to fulfill: 1. The Storyteller The first skill I would look for is storytelling. What I mean by that is someone who can combine data, customer stories, research, facts and figures to create powerful content. I don’t mean a subject matter expert. But being able to merge knowledge into relevant and interesting content is a special skill. The closest would be journalists or other strategic communicators. 2. The Marketer The second skill I’m looking for with some depth is marketing. The ability to create great content is one thing, but knowing how to promote it, build an audience, and leverage all the skills of a marketer is another.

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