Your Complete Step-by-step Guide to Amazon Keyword Research

When selling online, the most important piece of the puzzle is getting your product to the right audience. It may sound simple, but if your product isn’t seen when customers search for it, you won’t make any sales. This situation is amplified on Amazon, where the competition to show up organically on the first page of search results is fierce. This makes Amazon keyword research one of the most important things a seller does. If you can find a wide selection of relevant keywords that balance traffic and competition, then the better your visibility will be. In fact, doing your Amazon keyword research right is one of the easiest ways to increase your sales, without having to compete on price or research new products.

Understanding Amazon’s A9 Algorithm Before

Understanding Amazon’s A9 Algorithm Before you start undertaking your Amazon keyword research, it’s important to understand why you’re doing it. This reason is to please Amazon’s A9 algorithm which decides the order of search results in the marketplace. It takes into account many factors, including your metrics, sales history, and how relevant your ad is to  USA B2B List the customer’s search terms. To make sure you tick the relevance box, you need to take the pulse and know which keywords are popular with your customers. But how do you ensure that your Amazon keyword research achieves this? Well, there are four steps you need to follow:1.

Find your seed keywords 2. Generate a larger list

USA B2B List

Find your seed keywords 2. Generate a larger list of keywords3. Include the keywords in your Amazon ads4. Keep Updating Your Keywords #1. Find your seed keywords Sellers should start by generating four or five seed keywords. These are terms, usually one or two words, that actually describe what your product really is. So, for example, if my product was an apple corer, that term would be my first seed keyword. I would then also have “apple slicer”, “apple cutter” and “fruit slicer”.

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