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In fact, I believe a healthy burner is a Lebanon Phone Number key to maximizing all other burners. After all, when you’re sick, you can’t do anything. When I tore my Achilles 2 years ago, it was one of the Lebanon Phone Number least productive years of my life because I couldn’t exercise and I was depressed. Overall, health may be the first burner that most people overlook, but it’s actually the most important one because your other burners depend Lebanon Phone Number on it! My burner 3 – working burner As I mentioned above, my priorities for work and health burners are similar.

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Back in 2007 when I first started Lebanon Phone Number my business, it was all about work, work, work and money, money, money. But now that I earn far more than I spend each year, I now focus on the projects that give me the greatest sense of accomplishment. I mention earlier Lebanon Phone Number on the podcast that my wife. I deliberately don’t grow exponentially with our e-commerce store because when sales increase dramatically, two things always happen. My wife is stressed by the increased fulfillment load and supply Lebanon Phone Number chain management, especially when dealing with Amazon.

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My wife and I argu a lot So from a Lebanon Phone Number pressure and cash flow perspective. We’re all looking for steady, manageable growth. After all, our 7-figure store is making more than we spend, not even counting. As far as my blog is concerned, I find it very rewarding to teach others how to sell. I also enjoy public speaking and hosting my annual event, the Lebanon Phone Number Seller Summit. So running actually helps my health burner, not the other way around. These days, I mostly use my eCommerce store as a lab.

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